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I don’t know, but I probably blame the English.
The new doctor (via toomuchnerdlife)

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Tried Googling Orson Lannister. Couldn’t find anything on him. So he’s new. What if Martin himself is Orson? I mean, the show defies all conventional TV (and book) logic and is willing to kill anyone with no other reason than to create a “realistic” medieval world. Just like Orson smashing beetles for no good reason.

Man, that’s meta. I bet Abed would’ve seen that right away.



Happy Birthday Jenna!

Real opening credits from Supernatural.


My finger slipPED


My finger slipPED

Tour Dates


11/04/2014 • The Coronet Theatre | London | GB

19/04/2014 • TrivoliVredenburg | Utrech| NL

26/04/2014 • Printemps de Bourges | Bourges | FR

30/04/2014 • Fuse Event Space | Brussels | BE

02/05/2014 • Loftas | Vilnius | LT

09/05/2014 • The Arches | Glasgow | GB

10/05/2014 • The Academy | Dublin | IR

09/05/2014 • Gretchen Club | Berlin | DE

17/05/2014 • Blok Club | Zurich | CH

18/05/2014 • Hangout Beach Music & Arts | Gulf Shores | US

14/06/2014 • Sónar Festival | Barcelona | SP

28/06/2014 • Festival Garorock | Marmande | FR

05/07/2014 • Eurockéennes de Belfort | Belfort | FR

12/07/2014 • The Peacock Society | Vincennes | FR

17/07/2014 • Big Festival | Biarritz | FR

18/07/2014 • Melt Festival | Berlin | DE

20/07/2014 • Dour Festival | Dour | BE

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Here is a picture of Ragnar idk.


Nine years of Doctor Who: Rose (26.03.2005)

Should I cry…?

Should I cry…?


Vikings - Don't wear white on set!

jared’s crush on jensen is just as cute as jensen’s crush on jared [jensen]


You and Dad... you're the most important people in my life. 
And now...
I never should've come back, Sam. It wasn't natural.
And now look what's come of it.
I was dead. And I should have stayed dead.
You wanted to know how I was feeling. Well, that's it.